I just want to start by saying that the task you've set yourself, and the work you've done thus far, is awesome! I was amazed when I saw visual6502.org's results, and I can't believe I didn't know about this equivalent PSX effort until now. I've being scouring the Wiki and your emu-russia thread (thank you, Google translate ;) ).

That said, it is a huge task. Do you have any plans for automation/distribution of the effort? I saw in your thread a post describing the design for a tool (Chiptunes?) to do distribution, but it doesn't appear to cover automation.

Do you have any hope that a tool (even if only a once-off hack) could be created to, for example, scan the rows of the CPU, identifying and labelling the unique cells it finds? The hi-res images you have seem to indicate this might be feasible.

Also, it seems like hand-drawn traces stored in huge Photoshop files can only go so far. Do you have plans to move to a more specialized format in the future?

I'm looking forward to your future updates!

- hyperbug